como resolver tu problemas de senal de datos 3g

¿Cómo resolver tu problema de señal de datos 3G?

If you are using the main networks such as Claro, Movistar, Tigo and Avantel and are facing 3G data signal problems , we can help you solve it. This occurs mainly due to physical or geographic obstructions or certain materials such as the metal used to construct the buildings in your home or office.

Quick solutions for your 3G data signal problems

Below we list some ways you can try to fix 3G signals . Please note that these are temporary solutions.

  1. Restart your device . This clears up the system process and removes malware that can cause your device’s antenna to lose signals.
  2. Make sure you have the latest software installed on your device:  You’ve been avoiding that reminder to update your software for a long time. Otherwise it will interfere with the signal strength.
  3. Take a speed test or make a map of your house . This lets you know where you receive the weakest and strongest network signals. You may find a weaker network in a specific corner only due to physical obstructions.
  4. While this may not be the case, your neighbors may be using that free Wifi, giving you a slower speed. WPA encryption is harder to hack than WEP , so set WPA as your password.
  5. Remove objects that interfere with cell reception . It’s best to have minimal obstructions between your devices and the cell tower. You must reduce the objects that get between them.

What is the best solution to solve your 3G data signal problems?

We recommend a solution to fix 3G signal problems permanently! How about installing a mobile signal booster that works for all major network operators in Colombia? One that offers you a faster and more stable network anytime, anywhere. It sounds like a dream, but you can enjoy all this and much more

A cell signal repeater is a specially selected device with three different components and seamlessly designed to give you the much-needed signal strength. You can rely on its efficient performance, even while traveling. There are portable signal boosters available for cars and boats that give you five bars of signal strength while traveling.

Why should you opt for a 3G data signal booster?

Do you need a permanent solution to solve your 3G signal problems forever? Installing this device is your best option. Several users in Colombia are already using signal amplifiers for Claro, Movistar and other operators for the 3G network. If you are wondering how a cell phone repeater will benefit you, these are some of the many benefits you can enjoy:

  • Get a faster Internet connection
  • Enjoy stable connectivity
  • Improved call quality
  • Higher uplink/downlink power
  • High resolution images
  • Seamless video streaming
  • Enjoy games with extreme graphics

Where can I get a quality signal booster?

On the market there is an exhaustive list of high quality cellular repeaters for almost all network operators including Movistar , Claro , Tigo and Avantel . There are tons of sellers in the market who would guarantee quality and efficiency. But how can you be sure? That’s why we recommend browsing our website and finding the device that works best for you.

All our products comply with CRC (Communications Regulation Commission) regulations  in Colombia. So, we offer signal boosters approved by this entity, which are legal and of verified superior quality. Visit our website for more information. Our products are available at amazing offers for a limited period. Get your signal booster now and solve your 3G signal problem immediately!

For more information,  contact us  at  +34 020 3287 7868 



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